Wednesday, March 14, 2012

$5 Credit to Plum District for Taking a Survey!

Great news!!

There is a Plum District Survey open now on the topic of Mother's Day.

Completing the survey will get you a $5 Coupon for Plum District!

(I did mine today and it expires on March 18th.)

Then score a deal that suits your fancy!

Also, if you sign up for Plum District you will receive a $5 credit! Combine these two credits and you've just gotten $10 off!

I actually did this before Christmas. I got some bonus bucks for signing up, had a coupon, and spent just $10 for a $50 card to Eco-Mom through Plum District. This month, my daughter had a birthday and I ordered all the gifts through Eco-Mom, got free shipping at $50, and got really wonderful, safe, natural toys for my baby girl! Best (and cheapest!) birthday ever!

Just wanted to share the exciting news!
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