Thursday, December 22, 2011

Target Employees Harass Breastfeeding Mother: Nurse-in Scheduled

More ignorance regarding breastfeeding! Recently, Michelle Hickman was Christmas shopping in a Target store when she needed to nurse her infant. She moved to a secluded location near the dressing rooms and proceeded to nurse with the cover of a blanket. While no other shoppers even noticed that she was nursing her baby there, two Target employees repeatedly asked her to move and made threatening statements about being ticketed for indecent exposure. Other employees looked on and made disapproving gestures about her actions.

A call to Target headquarters fared no better and she was told by the customer service representative that Target was a family friendly place. Apparently they do not understand that nursing IS one of the most family-friendly practices around, with many benefits to mother, baby, and society. (Some of which include protection from illnesses, protection from diseases such as breast cancer, protection from post-partum depression, and a high correlation with higher IQ levels in children.)

In response to Target's failure to support breastfeeding, Hickman has organized a nurse-in to take place at Target locations across the country on Wednsday, December 28 at 10am. If you are interested in joining in and supporting the cause, you can learn more about the event from the Facebook Group here.

It saddens me to hear about these supposedly "famiy friendly" organizations (to use thier own words) be so rude and unknowledgable about nursing/breastfeeding. Perhaps you remember the Whole Foods Nurse-In that took place back in August? I hope that by banding together, breastfeeding mothers can show that nursing is natural and that mothers have a right to feed their babies.

If you are interested in writing to Target with your feelings about the incident, or you would like to contact them with some facts about breastfeeding and its benefits, feel free to email, call 1-800-440-0680, or write them at

Target Corporation 

1000 Nicollet Mall 

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Happy Peaceful Demonstrating!

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