Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Renaissance Halloween Costume from CostumeSuperCenter .com!

Usually I make my own Halloween costumes, but this semester has been my most insane semester yet! I love Halloween and knew I absolutely needed to get a pre-made costume this year to save my sanity. I am kind of picky though, so I was worried I wouldn't find anything in my size that was modest and fun. It was CostumeSuperCenter to the rescue! I had lots of fun browsing their website for costumes, which include cute and inexpensive toddler costumes, women's costumes, plus size costumes for Halloween, and men's costumes, along with many many Halloween accessories. I spent hours checking out every possible costume and I ended up spending a lot of time looking at the Renaissance costumes for Halloween. Here is the one I chose! It's called the Lady in Waiting costume and I decided I would officially be Maid Marian. Now my task is to convince my husband to be Robin Hood... Here's me posing in my costume:

Diaper Cakewalk: Baby Shower Diaper & Eco-Diaper Cakes!

I have a new favorite unique baby shower gift--an eco-diaper cake from Diaper Cakewalk! Just within the last month, five of my friends have had babies! (All boys, by the way.) I was really running out of gift ideas and time to arrange something for them. Plus, many of them just aren't interested in cloth diapering like I am. That's why I was so excited to learn about Diaper Cakewalk, where they create adorable diaper cakes that do double duty as adorable baby shower decorations, centerpieces, and practical gifts! I just love the idea of a diaper cake! 

One reason why I was so excited about the diaper cakes from Diaper Cakewalk is that they offer an Eco-version of their cakes, made out of  these items:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Win $150 in the Follow Frenzy Giveaway! {Rafflecopter} (10/23)

Win $150 in the Follow Frenzy October!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Wedding Flowers {Linky}

Phone photos

Phone photos
Phone photos

Thanks so much for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday! So sorry to have missed last week. These are flowers from my sister-in-law's wedding.

Please leave a comment and link up your own (family friendly) Wordless Wednesday posts! And while you're here, please enter to win my $100 giveaway and My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software! (See upper right for links.)

Happy Wednesday!

Gymboree Coupon Codes For the Taking

I know how much some people need coupon codes for their online purchases. I have been there, scouring the internet at 1 am to find just one little code so that I could buy that adorable monkey sweater.

Now that so many magazines come to our house, I have more Gymboree coupons than I could ever possibly use! (See my post on how to get Parents & Parenting magazines for free!) This month I also have a Crazy 8 coupon for Because I'm trying to save some green and buy fewer new kids clothes, these coupons are just going to waste. Hopefully there are some moms out there who would love to snag one of these coupons to gymboree for an online discount. I'll keep the posts coming as I get more coupons, so check back regularly.

These are one-time use only. If you take a coupon, LEAVE A COMMENT saying which one you used, so that others will know that it's gone. Use at

EDIT: All taken. I'll create another post when I get more coupon codes.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go Green, Save Some Green {Guest Post}

I am so thrilled that I was able to write a guest post for earthbongo's blog about my experience trying to reduce my dining waste! Earthbongo is an amazing community of people who are dedicated to making small (and large) steps to helping the environment. Please check out my guest post, "Go Green, Save Some Green" on earthbongo's blog.

Happy visiting!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Coupon and Giveaway (10/30)

If you are like me then you have way more photos than you can shake a stick at. I love pictures and need a way to organize and archive my family photos. I used to be into scrapbooking using paper supplies, but my pages always ended up with too many stickers on them. And my handwriting is not that cute. It was basically a flop. (Plus, can I mention all those wasted supplies and garbage that I created? Yeah, not so green.)
A very simple page I made using a template from My Memories

A little giveaway button that I created using My Memories
My tendency to use too many stickers led me to scrapbooking by computer. Thank goodness for the undo button! That's why I was very excited to find out about the My Memories Suite Scrapbooking software. It is a digital scrapbooking software and photo-creation software package that allows you to create and design your own scrapbook pages, calendars, posters, cards, and more. You can see a blog giveaway button that I made on the right.

I also have Photoshop Elements and I believe that the two programs really complement each other. While using the My Memories Suite I could more easily arrange and rotate photos, do more with text, and do many commands intuitively.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The New Rules of Extreme Couponing!

If you are looking to be an extreme couponer, then you need to know the new rules of couponing.
Also see my post on where to find coupons.

Remember carefully selecting only coupons for items that you normally purchased? That's out!
  • New Rule 1. Save every single coupon you get. (Unless it's for an item that you wouldn't take for free or give to someone else for free.)

Remember cutting out your coupons and organizing them in a recipe folder? That's out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Win $100 at the Halloween Scream! (10/12-10/30)

Welcome to our spooky Halloween Scream Giveaway hosted by Generations of Savings and Beauty Brite

A fabulous group of blogs have teamed up to offer our readers an amazing 'Treat' for Halloween!

Reader Prize: $100 Paypal Cash!!!

We are also offering a Blogger prize of $20 to participating blogs which will be chosen by Rafflecoptor.

(Don't forget to also stop by and enter the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Suite Giveaway!)

Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Comments will not count as entries and can be used for questions only. You only need to enter once on any of the participating sites. The form is the same on all of the blogs. This giveaway is open worldwide (payment in US Dollar) and will start Wednesday, 10/12 at 12:01 am and end on Sunday, 10/30 at 12:01 am. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Why an Insulated Home is a Happy Home {Guest Post}

By improving the way in which your home is insulated, you can help save money on your energy bills as well as helping the environment. You’ll also help to create a warm and cosy home environment for all your family to enjoy.

Although insulation improvements can involve some financial outlay, they can help you save money on your monthly bills and will typically pay for themselves in the long run.

Remember to check with your home insurance provider before making any large modifications to your home. Additions or alterations to a property could affect your cover, so it’s worth speaking to your provider directly. Also, if you plan to carry out any insulation work yourself, make sure you have accidental damage cover in place - just in case things don’t quite go to plan!

Here are some top insulation ideas:

In poorly insulated homes, around one third of the heat lost is through the walls. That’s why it’s so important to check the walls in your home are sufficiently insulated.

If your home was constructed in or after the 1920s – it’s likely the walls will be in two layers with a small gap between them. Cavity wall insulation will fill this gap to help significantly reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home. Cavity wall insulation could help you save over £100 ($150) every year on your heating bills.

You can also help improve the efficiency of solid walls with either internal or external insulation. It normally works by coating or filling walls with a layer of material that only allows heat to pass through it very slowly. It’s worth doing, as solid walls are typically less effective at retaining heat than cavity walls.

Loft spaces
Around 25% of heat can be lost though the roof alone. By effectively insulating loft areas, you can help conserve more of that precious (and expensive) heat within your home. By insulating your loft or topping up the thickness of any insulation you have already – you’ll start using less energy and in turn reduce your carbon dioxide emissions (one of the biggest causes of climate change). You should also enjoy a reduction in your bills too.

Under floors
Gaps and cracks in your floors or skirting boards can be very easy to fill yourself by using a filler or sealant. Keeping on top of these small imperfections could help to reduce the heat loss in your home. In addition, you may want to lay mineral wool insulation under your floor. This can normally be fitted to timber floors by lifting up the floorboards and laying the insulation between the joists.

Tanks and pipes
Insulating your hot water cylinder and pipes can help keep your water hotter for longer by helping to prevent the escape of heat. A thick insulation ‘jacket’ around the cylinder is a good place to start, as they’re a quick, inexpensive way to effectively combat heat loss. If you already have one of these jackets, take a look to make sure it’s still in good condition. Insulation for hot water pipes is equally cheap and will help save you energy and money.

Windows and doors
Double-glazing is an obvious advantage in the fight against wasted energy. In fact, it could cut the amount of heat you lose through your windows by half. Aside from this, you should look out for any gaps that are letting in draughts. Good draught-proofing is often overlooked by homeowners when it’s actually the simplest way of helping to save energy. There are plenty of DIY products available such as self-adhesive foam strips, draught excluders and letterbox brushes and flaps.

Thank you, Policy Expert Blog for your guest post!

A healthy RUSH of frozen fruit!

Not being able to eat dairy or soy while I'm nursing has been a real challenge. It's a tough diet for a breastfeeding mother! I am constantly on the hunt for healthy and delicious products that I can eat during this time of dairy and soy intolerance. I have to say, I've been very surprised by all of the great allergen-friendly products that are out there! One of my discoveries is the RUSH Bowl. These are blended frozen fruit with granola--and they are so delicious! They contain only all-natural, pure ingredients and are hearty enough to eat as a complete meal.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Beauty Internship Revenge {Linky}

There are posters like this all over my building on campus. I have no idea why.
This one is outside the Spanish Department.
And this one is outside the French Department . . . pardon their French.

I hope this gave you a little chuckle. Thanks for visiting Why We Love Green! Please leave a comment and link up your Wordless Wednesday posts.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apps for the Environment

Who doesn't love a good app? Right now the US Environmental Protection Agency is sponsoring a challenge to see who can develop the best new environmental app! The EPA challenge is for app developers to come up with the best, most useful, innovative way to use, show, or combine publically available EPA data in a smartphone app.

So now is the time to vote on the best Apps for the Environment!
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