Friday, September 9, 2011

Wash this Blog (and your Clothes) on Cold Only

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What's a great way to help the earth? Washing your laundry in cold water instead of hot! Why We Love Green just joined a challenge on to wash one load of laundry per week in cold water. Will you join us in our cold-wash challenge? Commit at!

But...You may be afraid that your clothes won't get as clean.

Don't worry. Modern detergents do well  in cold or hot water. You can most likely use your regular detergent in cold water without any other changes to your routine. If you like, you might dissolve your detergent in hot water first, then fill the washing machine the rest of the way with cold water. Another option is a cold water detergent, such as Tide Coldwater. Cold water detergents are designed to dissolve at a lower temperature than traditional detergents. Notably, Consumer Reports rated both Tide Coldwater and regular Tide as "excellent".

But...You wonder how much good it will really do.

It may seem small, but it will help save the earth. Earthbongo says that by washing just one load of laundry per week on cold, you can save up to 16,240 lbs in carbon emissions per kWH. (Read my post about offsetting your carbon footprint for free!) Second, it will save you some money. Using a washing machine on cold costs less than one fourth what it costs to use hot water. You could save approximately $10 to $44 in one year.

So join in! It's as easy as turning that knob on the washing machine. I know I have found my regular clothes to be just as clean. Join me in the Cold Challenge!

Happy Cold Washing!
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