Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ABC's of Why We Love Green {ABC Linky}

At Walden Pond

 In case you wanted to get to know the mama behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz reference there), here are the ABC's of me. I was inspired to do this by the ladies at voiceboks.com. If you're a blogger, please check out Voiceboks--it is an amazing group!


All-nighter. I love to stay up late. Not only is it fun, it's a great time to get things done.

Blogger, of course!

Christine! That's my name and I like it. Phew, glad to have an easy one! (Can I also include Cloth Diapers here?)

Desserts. I'm kind of a dessert-fiend. Eine Naschkatze!

(Baby) E. is my 6 month old baby girl.

French. The foreign language my husband speaks. Notice how we do not speak any of the same foreign languages.

German. I've been learning German since 6th grade and there's still so much to learn!

Happy. I have a happy life. We have plenty, I love my family, I get to study what I love, and I have a fun blog.

Inquisitive. I like to learn things, explanations, facts, etc.

(Little) J. is my 3 year old son.

Kids. I have two and I love them!

Linguist. I love languages--how they work, how we learn them, how we perceive and produce them.

Mama. I've requested to be called Mama and yet I am still Mommy. Sigh.

Napper. I love to nap, especially with my kids. It's one of the best things in the world!

Operation Pollination. A friend and I started Operation Pollination many years ago with the sole goal of bringing back the phrase, "It's the bee's knees!" (Or "bees' knees," whichever seems more appropriate at the time.)

Phonetics and Phonology are the parts of linguistics that I love the most. The sounds!

Queue. A word I always want to pronounce as quay, but don't.

Russian is my third language. Wish I really spoke it.

Student. Eternal Student. That's what I get for working on my PhD, I guess.

Teacher. Right now I teach third semester German.

Utah is where I spent most of my days.

Voiceboks was my inspiration/motivation for writing this thread. It's a great blogging community!

Why We Love Green is my blog about saving money while saving the earth.

X, a mathematical symbol. Once when I was younger I pretended to know what X was. I said 4.

WhY is my baby crying right now? It's time to sleep, Baby E, sleeeeeeep. (Be right back...)

Zee one to speak vit an accent. Eees for fun.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me. I want to know more about you, too! Please leave me a comment and link up your ABC's of me posts or another post that is about YOU.

I'll be ABC-ing you!

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