Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ode to Buses and Breastfeeding

Today I spent $4.50 in bus fare. It seems like a lot, but then again, I did a lot of riding back and forth today: I went to campus, came home, went to campus again, and finally shuffled home for good. (So there were 3 bus trips and 1 car ride in there, if you were noticing that my trips didn't add up.)

Why am I
a) Traveling to and from campus so often?
b) Spending so much on the bus?

Well, the answer to a) is easy: I need to come home to nurse baby E. She does get bottles of pumped milk while I'm gone, but I really prefer her to only have one bottle a day. So I rush home during my 2 hour break between teaching and classes and fill her up. Then I grab some lunch for myself and it's back to campus for me. I've realized that my life basically involves going to campus and then rushing home to feed the baby. Always rushing home to feed baby E. That is going to make this semester rough, but breastfeeding is a top priority here!

Okay, so why am I spending so much money on bus fare? It's true that I could drive to campus most of the time for only about .50 in gas. (That's not counting our parking pass and wear-and-tear on the car, of course.) But driving the car does not save me time because the parking  lots are so far away from my buildings. Also, the buses are going to be driving around whether I am on them or not, while my car will only be driving around if I am using it. So to save the earth, I opt for the bus. It does cost a little more, but it saves the earth and makes it easier for the person who is home with the kids to have the car if they need it.

Starting next week, my master plan is to start riding my bike to campus. That will save the earth, save me money, and get me some exercise! But first I think I need to invest in one of those super huge and comfy seats. It'll look terrible, but it will be comfortable!!

Happy bus-riding!

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