Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Textbooks More Earth-Friendly

Did you know that per major university, over 1,000 tons of recyclable paper is sent to the landfill each year? This occurs even with paper recycling programs and facilities in place. (Read more about it here.) It's no wonder that universities focus most of their recycling efforts on paper, as this is where the most improvement and change can be made.

As a student, I know that I use a lot of paper each semester. I do try to buy recycled products (I vow to make an even greater effort this semester!) and I make sure to always recycle my used paper, but I know not everyone does. (I've seen paper in the trash in our office, fellow grad students! I'm calling you out!)

Okay, so we know we should buy recycled notebooks and printer paper, but what about textbooks? Well, how many of us students (or former students) have old textbooks just sitting around from previous semesters? That paper may not be filling up a landfill (yet!) but it sure is not being used to its highest potential. And if it's been sitting around long enough, a new edition has probably rendered the older copy worthless.

This is the beauty of Campus Book Rentals, where you can rent your textbooks. At the end of the semester or term, you just send your used textbooks back to them (free shipping both ways!) and there's nothing else to do. You'll be happy knowing that your old textbook is being reused somewhere out in academia. Plus, you will not have to fear that a dreaded new edition will make your textbook investment worthless. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from each rental from Campus Book Rentals is donated to the charity Operation Smile. You can follow my referral links and get an additional 5% off your order!

As a grad student, I usually keep my books at the end of each semester, so I wondered if renting was right for me. After all, I know what I love at this point (German and Linguistics) and all of my books are on those topics. That's why I was very happy to see that at CampusBookRentals.com, if you decide later that you can't live without your textbooks, you have the option of purchasing them. You just pay the difference between your rental price and the purchase price. (Also great for people who don't want to make up their mind about keeping a book before they've even used it.)

All in all, I feel that renting textbooks is a great way to avoid the hassle of selling your books at the end of the semester. You know your book will be taken back and that it will be reused by other students in the future. And reuse is what we're all about, right?

Happy Studies!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. However, I was given a discount at www.campusbookrentals.com on my textbooks for the purposes of this article.

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