Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simple Steps to Going Green: Simple Step #1

Sure, we all know many things we're supposed to do to help keep our families healthy and save the environment. But do we really do them? I know I need a little reminding now and then (and a little motivation to get started). That's why I'm incorporating "Simple Steps" into the Why We Love Green blog.

Each Simple Step will be something small and realizable that each of us can do to save the earth and save ourselves some money in the process. (Soon I'll also have a nifty button to go along with it. If only my laptop with Adobe Photoshop weren't in with a sleeping baby right now!) I'll be posting these Simple Steps along with my regular articles on green/money-saving topics, deals & coupons, and reviews & giveaways.

Spotted these signs on the elevators in a Health Center today.

Simple Step #1
Take the stairs. 

Why is this green? We're saving energy by not using the power needed to run the elevators! Did you know that by taking the stairs you will save 2.5 Watt hours per floor? 

Why is this thrifty? Health is a great investment that will really pay off down the road. By taking the stairs instead of the elevators you will burn 6-12 calories/minute.

Happy Climbing!

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