Monday, July 18, 2011

Seattle Mariners go Green!

A Baseball Field! (Fenway Park, to be precise... and the only professional baseball game I've attended. Someday I'll get a Safeco Field shot!)
I heard on the radio that the Seattle Mariners are Going Green! (You can read a transcript of the interview here.) Hooray! They even won the Washington State's "2011 Recycler of the Year award."

Because we love green, and the Mariner's are my husband's childhood-favorite baseball team, I just had to put up a post about their efforts. It seems that throughout the pro-baseball world, there is a movement to go green and be a little more responsible about how the teams treat the earth. You can learn more about this initiative on the Seattle Mariner's Official Site.

The Seattle Mariners, in particular, seem to be taking this movement to heart. To date, they have instituted an aggressive recycling system at Safeco Field. You can see a PDF of the Mariner's recycling plan here. From 2006 to 2008, they increased their recycling from 18% to 30%. Today they recycle 79% of their waste. Much of the waste from the games that cannot be recycled is composted. By recycling 30% of their garbage in 2008, the Mariners saved about $59,000!  (I wonder what the savings is now!)

In addition to recycling, the Mariners also donate to environmental causes to offset the carbon footprint created by visiting teams. The management has decided to leave their massive field lights off during day games whenever possible. This saves them more than $1000 per game! In addition to this lighting solution, the Mariners have also replaced their scoreboard lights with LEDs, which saves the team $500,000 per year! Wow, that really shows that going green saves you money!

Possibly the funniest change in Seattle is the Mariners' two new mascots: Captain Plastic and Kid Compost. With all of the green changes the Mariner's have been making, they deserve whatever silly recycling mascots they want. In fact, they even took it to the next level. Captain Plastic gives out bags of soil to fans at the games. They smell like manure, but some fans even ask for two bags!

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