Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nurse-In at Whole Foods

You've heard of a sit-in, but have you heard of a nurse-in?

Nursing mothers all across the country are banding together in support of breastfeeding rights on Saturday, August 20 at 5 PM Eastern. Mothers who support the right to breastfeed in public will nurse their babies at Whole Foods in order to protest the store's lack of support for nursing.

Here's how it started: Angelina Love, while shopping at a Whole Foods in Utah, was harassed by employees for nursing her baby in public. Since this event, she has discovered that Whole Foods has no policy to protect breastfeeding in its stores. On the Facebook Page for the Nurse-In event, she states that the purpose of the nurse-in is to "[convince] Whole Foods Market to support the healthy and natural act of breastfeeding within their establishments by providing a nondiscriminatory environment for families who choose to breastfeed." You can read about the event and about Whole Food's response on her blog, "Whole Baby Foods."

I personally nurse with a cover in public, but I firmly believe that a woman should have the right to nurse without a cover if she chooses. Nursing is best for baby, mother, and the earth! If you are interested in attending the nurse-in (or just learning more), check out the Whole Foods Market National Nurse-In Facebook Page for information on how the nurse-in will be organized and other steps you can take to support nursing.

Happy Supporting!

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