Monday, July 4, 2011

Making Pizza and Baking Bread

Baking has kind of taken a backseat to, well, basically everything else in my life recently. But times, they are a' changin'. I've started baking multiple times per week! Why this miraculous change? There are two reasons, really. The first is that I got an amazing cook book for Christmas called Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day. "Yeah, right!", you're thinking, "Bread takes a lot of hard work! There's no way it can be fast and easy." Well, this book will change your mind! There's no kneading, proofing, doubling, etc. and it can all be done by hand. I just cannot recommend this book enough! And I am really hoping to get my baking mitts on their new book with healthier options. (At the library, perhaps?)

Okay, but enough about my love for that method (for now). The second reason that I have returned to the long lost world of baking is that I can (temporarily) no longer eat food containing dairy or soy. (Any dairy or soy in my diet really hurts my nursling baby's tummy. She screams for hours and has crazy dirty diapers. If I avoid sairy and soy, she is such a different baby--so patient and sweet. So it's totally worth it to me.) But just try to buy bread at the supermarket without soy in it. It's nearly impossible! Everything processed has soy in it. Well, almost everything. It's kind of scary to me, actually. Why do we need to put soy in everything? Are our bodies really equipped to handle non-stop soy? That's kind of a side note...back to baking!

So today I had a batch of dough from last night and I quickly whipped up 2 pizzas for dinner and a wee loaf of bread. Here's a "before" pizza, an "after" pizza, and my little free form loaf. Delicious!  

So why is this thrifty? Making food from scratch is almost always much cheaper than buying it from a grocery store or restaurant. Also, I am only paying for the things I want. I choose the ingredients and toppings.

And why is this green? Think of all the gas I'm saving not getting take out! I'm also saving energy that might have gone in to manufacturing and shipping the processed foods. I also feel that learning to live in a way that is self-reliant is green.

What are some other ways that this is green or thrifty? Or do you disagree?

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