Saturday, July 2, 2011

Freebie Friday: Free Samples

Head over to these sites to sign up for your freebies! (I am hoping to post a giveaway in a few weeks, so stay tuned!)

These sites often offer free samples of new products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, other toiletries, household cleaning items, and non-perishable new food items. Exciting, right? But what are these samples good for, you might ask. Well, food samples are great for snacks or tossing into your purse. Recently I have been using the toiletries as travel items. As soon as I receive them, I put them into my travel toiletry case. Then when I travel I don't need to bother with packing my full-size items (and probably forgetting them at my destination!). I love not having to worry about my full-size items explode in my suitcase, which always happened with my shampoo and hairspray! What do you do with your free samples?

Happy Sampling!

Free Sample of Hugo Boss Cologne

Free Sample of L'Oreal Youth Code from Walmart

Free Depends Sample

These sites regularly have samples available (although none at the time of posting): 

Free Samples from Walmart  

Free Samples from Target 

Free Samples from Sam's Club 
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